February 17, 2022 @ 2:01 pm – 3:01 pm Atlantic/Azores Timezone


January 27

8:00 pm

Early Orange + Hollow Drifter + DJ Ed Rock

Doors open 20.00, start concert 21.00 sharp, entrance 7,50

At the end of 2020, Vladimir Popu and Kaan Kara found themselves as the remnants of a dissolved band looking for a new one. Around the same time, Saad El Adraou and Petar Marceta met and decided to search for a band. The mutual search connected the four via online forums during covid restrictions in Amsterdam and with the help of a random name generator, the band formed.

Early Orange can be loosely described as an orange mix of fuzzy guitar, introspective lyrics, psychedelic tones and stoner vibes.Their music style ranges
from garage rock to neo-psychedelic rock and dance-punk. The band records all the songs live since they believe it is the best way to mirror the energy.
You can hear the experimental approach of the band with different gears being used in their songs. While working on new material, Early Orange has also been playing live shows in Amsterdam as they get ready to take over venues across the Netherlands and beyond.


“Hollow Drifter is an Amsterdam-based group founded in 2018 that can likely be described as prog rock but is so much more.

They build their songs with the will of finding that sweet spot between epic, hypnotic, heavy and hooky. While quite distant from playing technical porn, they are servants of the music instead of being guitar heroes. If the song needs a tight groove, they nail it. If the song needs a noisy mess, they’ll muck it up.

Their main inspiration is found in Pink Floyd, yet they love a diverse array of artists from the psychedelic/stoner/progressive genres. One will hear many influences within their music.

Their new LP has passed through the whole analogue process, from recording to mixing and finally mastering. While certainly less busy and processed than digital recording would have been, it has an old-school vibe that shines on it’s 2022 vinyl release”

Muzikale duizendpoot doet lekker wat ie zelf wel. En wij natuurlijk. En dan de hele avond! Dansen dus.