September 28, 2021 @ 6:00 pm Atlantic/Azores Timezone


May 31

8:00 pm

Witte Gei’t: Paco Plumtrek + Joules the Fox

Doors open: 20:00, we gaan rond voor donaties / Showtime: 20:30, we collect donations for the artists
Witte Geit: A peaceful Mind…!?
Elke dinsdag korte akoestische acts op ons kleine podium! Vooraf kan er worden gegeten bij Robin Food.
Every Tuesday, short acoustic acts on our small stage. Beforehand you can have dinner at Robin Food


Henk Lammers aka Paco Plumtrek is liedjesschrijver, troubadour en kunstenaar. Als straatmuzikant reisde hij 15 jaar de wereld rond, nu gaat de ontdekkingstocht langs de mooiste zaaltjes van Nederland. Onontgonnen Gebied is zijn plaat met liedjes die zich laten omschrijven als maatschappijkritisch, romantisch en wispelturig. Het is z’n derde, en zijn eerste in het Nederlands.

Joules is a singer, songwriter, producer but above all: a wanderer.
These last years, she roamed through various countries playing over 200 stages, ships and shops, writing many a song and singing, ah well, all the time. Always accompanied by guitar, harmonizer and looper, this One-Fox-Band will take you with her to places she has been to and been creating – some real some imaginary.
Joules’ musical journey surely is a wild hike through IndieFolkAmericanaPopYouNameIt – into the Woods where Words and Berries grow, into the dark of a closed Box of Paint, up the hill to the Burrow and down the Nowhere Road.
Along the way you might find unearthly vocal choirs, cheeky chords, soothing strings and happy harp plings and you’ll be leaving the track with a song stuck in your ears, a smile on your face and Paint on your Hands. For Joules’ songs, stories and voice will stay with you like colour and sprinkles.