April 9

20:30 ‐ 23:00

Witte Gei’t: George & Misouli + Duo Hummm + Bon Dimoni

Witte Geit: A peaceful Mind…!?
Elke dinsdag korte akoestische acts op ons kleine podium! Vanaf zes uur kan er gegeten worden bij Robin Food.
Every Tuesday, short acoustic acts on our small stage. Tonight, restaurant Robin Food is open from 6.

Bon Dimoni
Bon Dimoni is a mixture of textures and climates, three musicians that know each other really well and have been toying and developing a drone, psychedelic, rocky but most important, music that can make your head tilt.

From the desert to the space and anything in between. Bon Dimoni will help you in your trip!

Bon Dimoni is:
Jonathan Ramirez: Guitar.
Thomas van Nieuwehoven: Drums.
Mario Ramirez: Bass

Demitriou & Misouli
The duo of Demetriou/Misouli, present a neo-folk repertoire of Greek rembetika songs, combining effected viola, guitar drones, synthesizers and soundscapes with ethereal vocals

Duo Hummm
Gitaarduetten met Luka & Guno