March 2

20:00 ‐ 01:00

Verzet je: Yodel Queen + Milkboy + DJ Serhat

Deur 20.00, eerste optreden 21.00, entree 5- (aan de deur, graag cash)

Georganiseerd door het Kollektief Staatsliedenbuurt.

Amsterdam punk band with Meis, Jan and Tinus! ingredients: postpunk bald heads, red dresses, bass guitar motorics, head over heels drumming, sex confessionals and the joy of screaming with a smile!


MILKBOY is an independent post-punk trio currently operating from a leaking studio in Amsterdam-Noord. Their music contrasts melodramatic sounds with aggressive hype and features angry vocals about being disappointed with reality.

Daarna is het voetjes van de vloer met DJ Serhat.

Within the Nieuwe Anita our cocktailbar has always been our special baby. Over the years we have experimented and developed a lot of standard and not so standard cocktails.

With workshops and do-it-yourself projects we have shown and explained a lot of the secrets of good cocktail-making, and (open most Fridays and Saturdays) the cocktailbar is worth a visit in itself!